With our background in the industry, Heirloom’s staff can guide you with the design of your timber frame.  We usually do individual plans for each of our clients.  Some already know pretty much what they want, some are inspired by pictures they have seen in Timber Frame specialized magazines.  Some come directly at the shop to discuss about their idea while others send us plans or sketches for us to propose them different options.  Anyway you contact us, we are willing to give you advices respecting your own needs but also considering the structural restrictions applying to our type of construction.

We use Cadwork drawings program to design our timber frames. With this program, we are able to realize 3D plans that we can send you in pdf. format for you to visualize your project, as well as 2D drawings that we use at the work shop and on job sites.

In many cases, you will need full architectural plans to organize the building of your home. Then, you will have to hire the architect of your choice. Heirloom will work with him to coordinate the plans. We have successfully worked with some architects that we can also recommend to you.  For complex or large dimension projects, it is possible that we need to resort to ingineering services.  Timber frames are self-supporting; their design must be esthetic but also without weakness on the structural side.

The design of your frame is an important step in the realization of your project.  Your timber frame shoud reflect your style, meet your esthetic and functional expectations and you should feel confortable in it.  To get to this result, you must be involved in the design process.  You can contact us yourself as mentionned further up, or do it through your contractor or architect.

Realizing your dream

Here are a few questions we have deemed essential in the process of realizing your dreams of building a timber frame home. *

1. Have you chosen a location?
2. What style of frame are you interested in?
• An elaborate frame with a lot detail or a simple frame with a more rustic look?
3. What size would you like your home or addition to be?
4. What type of wood do you prefer?
• Pine
• Recycled Lumber
• Douglas Fir
• Oak
5. What type of budget are you working with?

* Please keep in mind that Heirloom will build your timber frame, raise it, and install the stress-skin panels. However, it is up to the homeowner to hire the necessary people needed to finish the project.

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