Land Ark wood finishes


100% Natural Wood Finish

An all natural penetrating oil finish for:

- Timber and Logs
- Cabinets, Doors, and Wood Paneling
- Floors

Citrus Oil Base: No chemicals, dryers, or petroleum based products.
Environmentally Friendly: Biodegradable, non-ozone depleting.
Reduces further checking, even in green Oak.


Land Ark is made only with natural, non-altered ingredients from sustainable resources, without chemical processing, bleaching or harmful additives. It is bio-degradable, non ozone depleting, and is listed in several leading green building material publications. Originally developed for the unique finishing requirements of large timbers and logs, Land Ark produces a superior, natural, and easily repaired finish on any woodwork, enhancing the patina and grain pattern of the species on which it is applied. Because it contains no drying agents of any kind, Land Ark may be left on the wood surface for extended times (from an hour to overnight) without gumming or hardening, thus greatly enhancing absorption into the wood. The finish keeps on wicking deeper into the fibers, grain, and checks long after the surface is dry. Because it is not merely a surface finish, the resulting finish is highly resistant to scuffing and abrasion and is easily repaired simply by rubbing in more finish with an abrasive pad.


Stir before using. Suitable with any applicator and application technique: thin-and-dry coating, surface flooding and buff-dry, wet sanding, french polishing, mechanical buffing. Avoid application in direct sunlight if possible. Min. coverage 500 sq. ft./bd. ft. per gallon.

Liquid Finish: Liquid finish (45% oils and solids) that wicks deeply into checks, woodfiber and joinery.  Use a primer to maintain dimensional stability, a base coat, or a complete one or two coat finish on any wood. May be thickened with soft wax if desired.

Soft Wax: Soft wax (65% oils and solids) for a non-staining end-grain sealer; periodic restoration and maintenance of timber frames; gives a higher gloss finish.  Use as superb end grain and joinery sealer (will not stain timbers), use on V-groove ceilings and paneling, cabinets, doors and flooring.  May be thinned with liquid finish if desired.


Contains no petroleum products, chemical additives, or metallic drying agents.

  • Tung oil: 100% pure with no additives; highest quality; dries harder and is more durable than linseed oil alone. Both of the oils used are drier-free and slightly heat treated or polymerized.
  • Linseed oil: Purified and refined by natural oxidation; dries as clear or clearer than tung oil, with none of the characteristic discoloration that is typical of hardware store varieties. No other finishing oil penetrates as deeply into the wood.
  • Beewax: Filtered, chemical and bleach-free cappings wax is only used; bees-wax adds visual depth of grain, smoothness, and elastic durability to the finish.
  • D-limonene: Food grade; this is the purest form of citrus terpenes (citrus extract); it is separated from the cold-pressed oil of the orange peel; the only solvent used in Land Ark finishes.
  • Natural rosin: Gum rosin extracted from the sap of the pine tree and separated from turpentine. This is the gum rosin found in the heart pine, giving the wood its hardness and durability. No synthetic resins are used.

Safety precautions:

Combustible; harmful if ingested in large quantities. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Call Poison Control Center or a physician immediately. Drink small amounts of milk. In case of fire, extinguish with foam, CO2, or dry chemicals. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors; use with adequate ventilation; do not heat product; keep away from children, pets, and other animals; use suitable OSHA safety equipment for breathing, skin, and eye contact around organic vapors; wash hands after use. Dispose of applicators and oily rags in air-tight plastic or metal containers to avoid danger of fire from spontaneous combustion or allow to dry in open air.

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