We erect all of our timber frames to make sure everything is done properly and that the timbers are properly taken care of.  Here are, in images, the different steps of a timber frame raising.


Step 1

At the shop, once the beams are finished and dried, they are wrapped together and loaded on a truck.  Upon arrival at the job site, the team unloads the beams and makes final preparations for the raising.

Step 2

The floor is marked and cut as to where the beams will sit.

Step 3

Once the floor is prepared for the raising, the bents are then pre-assembled in the order that they will be raised.

Step 4

With the use of a crane, the bents are carefully raised into place. Connecting members are then inserted from one bent to another in order to keep the frame together.

Step 5

The top plates, ridge beams and rafters are also raised into place by crane. This solidifies the overall frame, enabling to become self-supporting structure.

Ready for enclosure

Once every timbers are into place, Heirloom's team ensures that the frame is level and square.  According to contract with the client, the final process of installing the stress-skin panels can begin.

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